Tulip Pendant
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  • Tulip pendant from black walnut wood

  • 100% hand carved; 18+ hours

  • Finished with plant-based hardwax

  • ~4cm (1.5in)

This is the first pendant I have ever carved. It got pretty small as I finished it there wasn't even space to initial it. Made from an off-cut piece of walnut, and the cord is waxed cotton; the whole item is totally biodegradable.

This piece of jewelry is very unique and simple. It is one-off, never to be re-made (originality guaranteed!).

To last a lifetime, it's best to keep it dry and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth for cleaning or dusting. The pendant is also not meant to be worn during showering, bathing, or during strenuous exercise (it is very delicate and could break). It makes a great replacement to shiny jewelry for casual or semi formal occasions. I will provide a length of the cord but you can replace it with another of your choice.

Packaging will be from fully reused or recycled material.

before and after!