about me and The Lab

hello! thank you for touring my website.

Nasta Wood Lab is a small startup founded by myself, Adeeb Nasta, currently based in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario.

I am a self-taught wood carver creating one-of-a-kind pieces, from spoons to jewelry.

Photo credit: Nata Culhane

Everything slows down when I hold my carving knives. Having something that always makes one feel present in the moment, in the place is very special.

For my work, I adopted a minimalistic approach by only using carving knives, a saw, a hatchet, and salvaged or reclaimed wood.
Nature and the outdoors play a major role in inspiring my carvings, since this is where I feel free and in the world. 

Again, thank you for being here and for supporting my work whether that's by purchasing an item or telling friends and family about it.
Let's chat, get in touch with me.