Sea Turtle Pendant
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  • Part of my Woods of the Sea Collection

  • A pendant from reclaimed cherry wood

  • 100% hand carved with two knives

  • 4.5cm in length

This beautiful one of a kind pendant is a product of many hours of carving. It can resemble spreading awareness about endangered sea turtles and other marine animals.
Finished with linseed oil, fully biodegradable.

To last a lifetime, it's best to keep it dry and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth for cleaning or dusting. The pendant is also not meant to be worn during showering, bathing, or during strenuous exercise (it is very delicate and could break). It makes a great replacement to shiny jewelry for casual or semi formal occasions.
The cord/necklace will not be provided with the pendant.

Here is a shot of the pendant while it was in-progress