Storage Jar, Marijuana Leaf Lid

  • A storage, or stash, pine wood box

  • 100% hand carved; 10+ hours

  • Initialed on the side

  • storage volume: 30mL (an 8th of a cup)

  • ~height: 6cm (2.3in); diameter: 5cm (2.0in)

This jar is very light weight, simple, and does it's job. Finished with plant-based, hardwax wood finish giving it a very smooth feel. The light and dark grain of the lid are all natural and have a beautiful look.
It is meant to contain dry materials of your choice, or simply put empty as a souvenir or decorative item, and can be rinsed with water if needed. No additional applications of wood finish or treatments are needed if the jar is taken good care of.

I would like to say that the jar is not meant to act as a portable container, as the lid slides off easily. Its happy place would be on a counter top or desk, away from the reach of children or pets (if used for storage). To last a lifetime, it's best to keep it dry and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth for cleaning or dusting.
Packaging will be from fully reused or recycled material.

*disclaimer: I do not encourage nor motivate any type of smoking or recreational drug use.