Snake Spoon

  • A spoon from an unknown wood species (likely cherry)

  • 100% hand carved; 40+ hours

  • Finished with linseed oil

  • ~22cm in length

This beautiful spoon was 100% carved by hand with mostly 2 knife only. The piece of wood used was collected by myself after a winter hike in the suburbs of Ottawa, Canada.

This spoon is not meant to be used for eating or cooking. To last a lifetime, it's best to keep it dry and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth for cleaning or dusting. The spoon is also should not be washed with water or in the dishwasher. It makes a great item for display by a spoon collector, or someone who loves snakes and reptiles. The shape of the head is close to a boa constrictor's.

Packaging will be from fully reused or recycled material. Available to pick up or worldwide shipping for a small fee.

The spoon was carved with knives only, no power tools, from a piece of wood similar to the one shown on the left in this picture.

Photo credits: Jackson Hawthorn